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Basic Professional Enterprise
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PRODUCT Basic Prof Ent
Work order Easy to understand and quick to complete work orders. Complete with work instructions, task lists, completion notes, files, and print to paper options. Y Y Y
Asset management Drag and drop functionality lets you quickly add equipment, clone records, and intuitively organize assets. Import existing assets from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from other systems. Y Y Y
Preventive maintenance PMs and scheduled maintenance with date and time triggers. Complete with meter readings, event or alarm triggers, integrated work task creation, and notifications. Y Y Y
Mobile app Download our free iOS and Android mobile apps for your tablet or smartphone to access or enter data from the field as you work. Y Y Y
Inventory, parts and supplies Complete inventory manager that provides visibility on low stock items. Y Y Y
Internal and external notifications Automatically send email notifications through user-defined rules. Get an alert when work is requested or automatically email technicians their work orders. Send low stock alerts to parts managers or notify production of an equipment alarm state. Y Y Y
Calendar Interactive and intuitive resource scheduling, with a focus on providing a real-time view of scheduled work orders and their status. Y Y Y
Asset tagging and scanning Automatically generate QR codes and bar codes for all of your assets. Print out asset tags for your stock and then use our mobile app to scan the tag to pull up records. Y Y Y
Meter and alarm PM triggers Trigger preventive maintenance work orders from the date, time, meter reading, or any number of events. Y Y Y
MRO marketplace Find and compare pricing and ratings on millions of parts and spares. Then purchase the part directly from your CMMS. Or search our massive equipment database to find your part and auto-complete missing part data with a single click. Y Y Y

Advanced Features

Unlimited service requests Have non-registered users make maintenance and service requests from any website of your choice or on their mobile device. Y Y Y
Multi-site management Mange multiple sites around the world and roll-up all site data in real-time, in multiple currencies, time zones, and languages. Y Y
Purchasing and RFQs A purchasing module with user-defined work flows to match your company’s process. Create purchase requests, check inventory levels, or source and compare over 1 million parts. You can also create and send RFQs and POs electronically or by fax or phone. Y Y
Nested preventive maintenance Nest your preventive maintenance schedules inside each other to stack preventive maintenance tasks on to meter, time, or event-triggered scheduled maintenance work orders. Y Y
Multi-asset work orders and rounds With our advanced work order system you can create work orders with multiple assets and re-usable tasks making it ideal for maintenance inspection rounds. Y Y
Rotating assets Track your rotating assets and spares as they move between sites, suppliers, or contractors. This permissions-based module will make sure you never lose track of your equipment again. You can also use rotating assets to manage your tool crib. Y Y
Inventory cycle count Maintain optimized inventory levels by using ABC classification and a streamlined inventory cycle counting process. Y Y
Tool crib Centralized management of tool inventory and usage. Y Y
Failure codes Set up your CMMS with your most common failure codes so technicians can quickly select a pre-set failure code to support your problem > cause > action framework. Y


Custom branding Brand your reports, printed work orders, asset tags, emails, lists, or our software with your company logo. Y Y
Customizable interface With numerous customization tools, transform your CMMS to match your workflow. Customize the appearance of work order forms, add custom fields, change drop down field options, and more. Y
Customizable workflows Customize your CMMS workflow to match the same sequence of activities you use to manage your maintenance from work initiation to completion. For example, when a work request is created, email the production manager and change the status of the equipment to off line. Then automatically create a work order with status set to critical. Y


Reports and report scheduler Over 100 pre-configured business reports can be generated and emailed to any named users at regular intervals. Y Y Y
Custom report builder Create customized reports from a selection of editable templates to analyze all of your data based on your reporting needs. Y Y

API and connectors

ERP integrations ERP integrations that allow your CMMS to push and pull information to other enterprise software and financial systems. Y
Custom API integrations Create custom integrations using our API to connect your CMMS directly to equipment and machines to trigger maintenance or to integrate with other software. Y
Machine integration adapters Pre-built adapters that allow your CMMS to connect to your machine interfaces over common protocols. Y

Regulatory and compliance

User certification tracking Manage your workforce’s certifications and be alerted if their qualifications are about to expire so only properly qualified technicians work on your equipment. Y Y
Audit log All activities’ completed on your CMMS can be tracked and stored for future audit ensuring that you have the records to prove maintenance was performed in case of a problem. Y


Database export System administrators have the ability to download the complete set of CMMS data and related files to store offline. It can be used to periodically backup production data or to run more complex business intelligence offline through third-party services such as MySQL Y
Configurable firewall Provide secure access to a tenant by assigning IP ranges to any user or user group. Y


Free product upgrades We do regular product upgrades at no additional charge and with no hidden maintenance fees. Y Y Y
Embedded video tutorials Access free in-line training videos throughout the software that let you learn as you go. Y Y Y
Helpdesk access Find answers to all of your questions in our extensive Help Center and FAQ library. Y Y Y
Technical support Get free support you need when and how you need it either over the phone or through email. Y Y Y


Credit card payment option Pay monthly or annually using your credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discovery Y Y Y
Annual invoicing Annual invoicing and payment option by check or wire transfer. Y Y Y
User limit minimum Sign-up for any number of users now and add new users whenever you need them, right from the application. You must have at least one administrator user to have an active account. ONE ONE ONE

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